Being the heir the throne gets you a lot of things, but it turns out it doesn’t protect you from a good old telling off from a complete stranger when you step out of line.

Prince Charles learned this the hard way when he was just a kid, on board the Royal Family’s home away from home – the Royal Yacht Britannia.

When they were very young, Charles and his sister Princess Anne took the boat to meet their parents the Queen and Prince Philip for the final leg of a six month tour around the Commonwealth.

The royal kids were fascinated by the boat, and wanted to know everything about it.

But when Charles shook one of the crew to wake him one, it didn’t go down well and the young royal ended up being picked up by the scruff of his neck.

Royal yatchsman Ellis Norrell shared the story during ITV’s latest royal documentary Queen of the World.

Speaking about the family’s first trip on the Britannia, he said: "The children, they loved it.

"They came down to our mess deck for tea. They wanted to know how lads got into their hammocks.

"Charles shook this lad who had been asleep, then he picked him up and said ‘don’t you ever do that again’.

"He picked him up by the scruff of the neck and said ‘don’t you do that again or you’ll never live to be king’ and put him down."

We bet he didn’t do that again!

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The documentary shows old clips of the family’s life on the boat, including them eating and playing games.

They also turned the deck into a huge water slide on one occasion.

  • Queen of the World is available on the ITV Hub

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