This adorable youngster has been dubbed ‘Popeye’ after a mystery illness left him with huge swollen biceps.

Daniel Salvame, 11, noticed swelling on his left upper-arm when he was just four-years-old – and classmates started teasing him.

Within a couple of years, he had developed an enormous arm resembling that of a fully-grown bodybuilder.

Daniel’s classmates at his school in Rizal, the Philippines, bullied him over the abnormal appearance but he hit back – telling them that he was like cartoon hero Popeye.

The little lad now dreams of being a bodybuilder and martial arts pro so he can prove the bullies wrong.

Speaking yesterday (01/08) he said: ‘’My name’s Daniel but people call me Popeye of course. I have big muscles.

‘’My friends have teased me because I look strange but it does not worry me. I have arms like Popeye!

‘’I will be a body builder and learn martial arts when I’m older. Then I can go back to them and say ‘loo at me now’. They will be sorry.’’

First Published: Aug 02, 2018 18:20 IST

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