A luxury cruise ship with more than 5000 people on board was quarantined after it reached the port of Shenzhen in south China on Sunday morning as it was carrying nearly 150 people with a history of visiting the central Chinese province of Hubei, at the centre of the ongoing novel Coronavirus outbreak. 13 persons on the ship were found to have symptoms of fever and their reports have been sent for evaluation, said authorities.

At least 148 tourists on the ship, Costa Venezia, had visited Wuhan, local media reported, adding that all the passengers were individually checked for the infection.

An inter-department team from the Shenzhen government was waiting for the ship when it arrived at the port this morning.

The authorities decided that instead of allowing the passengers and staff to disembark, the medical team would board the vessel to check them.

As soon as it arrived, several doctors and medical workers wearing protective suits boarded the ship.

Reports said the luxury liner had around 5260 people including the ship staff onboard. The ship has more than 2000 rooms, has several decks and is said to be themed on Venice.

The luxury liner sector in China has taken a hit because of the outbreak. According to Shine news, a news website, all luxury cruise liners operating in Shanghai suspended operations on Sunday, offering refunds or rescheduling, due to the coronavirus outbreak.

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