An Indian-origin entrepreneur’s U.K.-based start-up that uses a machine-learning algorithm to sift fact from fiction is set to combat fake news around the world.

Lyric Jain, a Cambridge University engineering student originally from Mysuru, set up ‘Logically’ last year and has since developed the West Yorkshire-based start-up into a machine-learning platform.

The platform, which is currently going through technology trials with partners and advisers, will have a full public launch in September for the U.K. and the U.S., and hit India by October. The aim is for the service to work as a news aggregator as well as an indicator of factual accuracy.

Mr. Jain believes there is an urgent need for greater education around the issue of fake news.

His platform, which combines Artificial Intelligence and human intelligence and also includes complex analytics, is planned as a first-of-its-kind “intelligent news feed” that he believes may prove to be the future of journalism.

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