Says not enough time to rework the withdrawal agreement

London Mayor Sadiq Khan has urged Prime Minister Theresa May to delay Britain’s departure from the European Union, warning time has run out to rework her withdrawal agreement.

“It’s clear that we can’t reach a meaningful deal that’s agreed by Parliament by March 29,” Mr. Khan, from Britain’s main opposition Labour Party, said.

“I’m hoping the Prime Minister sees sense and either extends the notice period for Article 50, or withdraws Article 50.”

Article 50 is the EU law that Britain invoked in 2017 triggering a two-year countdown to Brexit that ends at 11pm (2300 GMT) on March 29.

The country is currently on course to leave without an agreement after MPs in January overwhelmingly rejected a divorce deal Ms. May struck with the EU late last year.

The embattled leader is now seeking changes to the pact which she hopes will be enough to get it through Parliament by March 12.

In her revised strategy unveiled this week, Ms. May has vowed that if her deal is rejected, lawmakers will vote in the following days on whether to leave without a deal or delay Brexit briefly.

But European leaders have warned any postponement would come with conditions. Mr. Khan, a leading advocate for a second referendum on EU membership, argued that freezing the process by unilaterally withdrawing Article 50 was the most feasible way forward.

“Lets do it… stop the clock,” he said.

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