If every month at least one business component grows by 1%, then the company’s income will increase by at least 50% over the year. The Adindex marketing agency professionals decided to share the secrets of business strengthening using the SMM channel.

Attract subscribers

The year 2020 divided the SMM market into two camps:

  • those who draws an audience and sells products or services to active fans of the promoted brand;
  • those who bets on ads campaigns, giving the quality of content a minor role.

The vector has changed significantly over the past year. In 2021, the turning of subscriber into customer can happen faster than ever.

Some statistics:

  • about 40% of the total number of new audience are active to like the posts;
  • more than 70% of subscribers consider Stories content to be the most interesting;
  • about 20% are ready to provide feedback on Stories of branded accounts;
  • 10% of attracted subscribers organically receive the full volume of published content by consistently passing through the organic sales funnel.

The time and effort spent for creating content will pay off within the first one to two months. And with POSTOPLAN it will be even easier. This smart automated platform allows you to publish content on schedule, without your participation. As a result, you generate 74% more traffic, and your reach increases by 30-70% at no extra cost.

2. Using the Close Friends tool

If you already have a large loyal customer base, use the Close Friends tool. It helps to:

  • screen out users who are not ready to buy your product in the near future;
  • deliver selling content to the interested users with maximum accuracy; and
  • increase your reach. Stories marked with the Close Friends tag get up to 40% more engagement.

3. No “banner blindness”

Be brighter, more interesting and more attractive. This is not about the budget, but about a comprehensive analysis of competitors and breaking through “banner blindness” by avoiding mediocrity and dullness:

  • minimum unnecessary information;
  • bright presentation for immediate response to content;
  • ultramodern design.

4. KPI measurement

Today, more than ever, it is more important to be flexible, quickly adapt to changes, and adjust the intermediate goals of marketing strategies. This brings to the fore the measuring of key performance indicators (KPI). Among the most important of them are:

  • ERR (engagement rate by reach);
  • СРА (cost per action);
  • CTR (click-through rate); and
  • СРМ (cost per mile).

5. The most useful content per contact

If your product is not being bought impulsively, you should give up the huge number of posts created for the sake of a “beautiful feed”. Instead of showing one product in one post, make a selection from several products. Use slides and videos. Don’t complicate the life of your target audience by pressing the “More” button, but break the text into slides that will be read using the standard horizontal scrolling.

6. Instagram recipes

This is a format that requires time and resources, but gives more engagement. It is suitable if you need to convey message to the user that cannot be given in an ordinary post.

7. Study of target audience

Take the time to analyze what users like and what they don’t. Here’s what is always good to know about your target audience:

  • age;
  • visual preferences;
  • geolocation;
  • interests;
  • factors influencing decision making.

8. Strengthening advertising campaigns

Track the percentage of auction overlap rate at the group level, eliminate the likelihood of audience overlap with Ads Manager, use alternative targets, and validate your website domains.