Incredible video of a man scaling the outside of a high-rise in Philadelphia, US, after a fire broke out in the building has gone viral online and have even prompted some comparisons to spiderman.

Firefighters and police responded late Thursday night to reports of a fire in Westpark Apartments in West Philadelphia, according to media reports. First responders said the fire had originated in the trash chute from the third floor down.

The smoke from the fire travelled upwards and had spread into the hallways of all 19 floors of the building, Fox News reported.

Several TV news helicopters, including those belonging to Philadelphia’s WPVI-TV and NBC’S channel 10, that were circling the building captured the man climbing down the side of the building, Fox News reported.

Watch | Death-defying escape: Man climbs down 19-storey building to flee fire

The videos of the death-defying escape show the unidentified man descend at least 14 storeys without any help or equipment. He also descends the building in less than three minutes with the only light coming from the helicopters’ spotlight. The video shows that he manages to safely reach the ground.

First responders evacuated the rest of residents from the building which is part of the Philadephia Housing Authority development and houses both families and seniors.

An unspecified number of residents were taken to the hospital in ambulances, although the reason was not clear, according to Fox news. At least four residents and three police officers were treated for smoke inhalation.

There have been no reports of serious injuries or deaths yet. The authorities declared the fire under control by 10:56 pm.

First Published:
Jul 19, 2019 20:40 IST

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