Despite the orders, he claimed the military still surrounds his Kampala home

Uganda’s High Court on Monday ordered security forces to end their confinement of presidential election runner-up Bobi Wine.

Mr. Wine, whose real name is Robert Kyagulani, has been under de-facto house arrest at his home outside the capital, Kampala, since he returned from voting on January 14. He won won 35% of the vote, according to official figures.

Sitting at the court’s Civil Division in Kampala, Justice Michael Elubu ruled: “The continued indefinite restriction and confinement of the applicant to his home is unlawful and his right to liberty has been infringed.”

“Having found that the restrictions are unlawful it is hereby ordered that they are lifted,” added Justice Elubu.

Ugandan security forces have in the past disregarded court orders to release individuals or have immediately re-arrested people freed by the courts.

“Several hours later, the military still surrounds my home, blocking access to all! Perhaps (as always) waiting for Gen. Museveni’s orders on the next course of action,” Mr. Wine wrote on Twitter, after the judgment.

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