Christine Brown is continuing to give us details about how her messy split with ex husband Kody came to be — and this just might’ve been the final straw!

On this week’s episode of the Juicy Scoop podcast, the Sister Wives star sat down with host Heather McDonald and revealed a “fateful conversation about intimacy” came up shortly before the couple pulled the plug on their decades-long marriage. In fall of 2020, shortly after their daughter Ysabel had spinal surgery, the patriarch allegedly sat her down and said:

“He’s like, ‘We’re not going to have an intimate marriage anymore. We’re not going to have sex.’”


Doesn’t sound like cutting it out all together was going to mean Christine was missing much, though. The 51-year-old revealed that they were barely having any sex at all even before that conversation:

“It was, like, five times in one year.”

Five times?? In a whole YEAR?? Wow…

The reality TV star went on to say their “intimacy” was “gone for years” before they stopped doing the deed:

“There’s sex and then there’s intimacy. What we didn’t have was intimacy. The intimacy itself had been gone for years.”

And her reaction to Kody’s demands that they’d no longer be sharing some sexy times? She kicked him out:

“Finally he said he wasn’t interested, and I’m like ‘Ah I guess we’re being honest, awesome’. So next time he came over, I’m like ‘You’re done you’re not sleeping in my bed anymore. I’m through with this. I don’t care where you sleep, it doesn’t matter to me.’ and I started boxing up stuff.”


She clearly had no problem standing her ground! And so came the end of her and Kody’s marriage…

Ch-ch-check out the full podcast (below):

Hopefully she’s having way more fun and getting that intimacy she was missing out on with her new man, David Woolley! What do U think, Perezcious readers? Sound OFF (below).

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