Again, Prince William and Kate’s big return to work last week was a day (an afternoon, really) spent in Scotland, visiting local youth programs in the Inverness area. They did what they always do – showed up somewhere, performed a few skits, made some truly weird faces and left. If the state of Twitter is any reasonable barometer for anything, William getting owned by a group of little girls was bigger news than his entire New York trip. People love to laugh, and those girls guessing his age as “57” was the feel-good story of the week. But wait, something else happened in Scotland – a Scottish child asked Kate who she is. As in, these kids had literally no idea who the whole-ass Prince and Princess of Wales are.

As seen in a video shared on X by fan account RoyallyBelle_, the comment came as Kate was happily chatting with kids at Burghead Primary School. “I really like your school,” the royal mom told a group of youngsters with Scottish flags in hand.

Giving a child a high-five, she gave a surprising reply: “Who am I? I’m married to William,” she explained and pointed to her left, though the Prince of Wales wasn’t seen on screen. “I know! It was very nice to meet all of you,” she said.

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That Twitter user ended up protecting her tweets, probably because everyone was laughing. I saw the video though – Kate genuinely looked “surprised.” She didn’t look happy either. Her big answer for who she is – “I’m married to William.” Not, “hi, I’m Kate, nice to meet you!” Or “I’m Catherine, the Duchess of Rothesay!” The kid who asked her that question probably thought “but who is William?” Oh, I found the video – you can see it here.

Meanwhile, William and Kate “bantered” about a game of (what sounds like) non-alcoholic beer pong. All of their “banter” is of the dated, sexist, my ball-and-chain wife is such a time-sucking downer variety.

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