Abbey Clancy has defended Karens – after her mums name became the punchline to internet jokes.

In recent years the name Karen has been roundly mocked online, used as shorthand to describe women of a certain age who are seen as overly entitled or demanding.

Model Abbey, the wife of footballer Peter Crouch, spoke up to defend her mum's 'amazing qualities', while also joking about the Karen stereotypes.

"My mum's called Karen!," she exclaimed during study reveal for Paddy Power Games research, which found that nearly one-third of UK women named Karen feel embarrassed by their name.

Abbey added: "She’s got so many incredible qualities, but that there is a couple of those stereotypical ‘Karen’ qualities in there."

In 2022, only one baby was given the name Karen in the UK. It follows the trend of names like Donald, Sheila, Deirdre and Shirley which have also become less popular over time.

Sarah Redshaw, managing editor for BabyCentre UK, said last year: "After becoming the name of a million memes it looks like Karen is only just hanging on. We could very well see it drop off completely next year. And it's no surprise that Donald is meeting the same kind of fate after the last US president's controversial time in office."

Strictly Come Dancing 2013 champion Abbey tied the knot with retired footballer Pete in 2011 and the happy couple share four children; Sophia, Liberty, Johnny, and Jack.

Earlier this year, Abbey admitted she felt like she was struggling when it came to managing her children and their after-school commitments. She said she didn't know how she was managing to "keep up" with other mothers despite her children being "so well-behaved".

However, she added that her children sometimes ignored the rules she and Peter set them and lacked discipline at times. During the couple's The Therapy Crouch podcast in June, she said: "These kids of ours have so many opportunities that we didn't have and my fear is, if you've got all this handed to you on a plate, you're not going to try for anything in life," Abbey began when sharing her worries with Pete.

"I'm not saying me or you had a bad upbringing whatsoever," she added when chatting with her husband. My childhood was incredible but definitely didn't have what they have – a private education and all that's on offer at the school." The mum-of-four added about her worries: "They're so lucky but it's so normal to them. Are they appreciating it?"

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