Prince Jackson defends Michael Jackson’s ‘King of Pop’ label

Michael Jackson died of acute propofol intoxication at his Los Angeles home in 2009.

But now, fans can see what the King of Pop would look like today thanks to the power of AI.

Michael, who was 50 when he died, can be seen in a series of pictures generated by AI system Midjourney sporting his signature long, curly black hair.

In reality, Michael suffered from frontal balding and he started wearing a wig in 1984 after his natural hair caught fire when a stunt went wrong during the filming for a Pepsi advert.

He also suffered from vitiligo, a skin pigmentation disorder which left him with white skin on his face, arms, abdomen and chest.

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In one of the AI images, the late singer looks gaunt as he can be seen wearing a wide-brimmed hat and brown aviator glasses.

Visible wrinkles can also be seen forming around his lips and eyes.

In another image, his skin tone looks darker as his jawline is widened, and deep wrinkles around his forehead and neck give an insight into how he may have looked today.

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Michael’s last words were reportedly asking for more “milk,” which is the codeword he used for propofol, the drug that killed him.

An autopsy found that he weighed just 8st 10lbs when he died, and there was nothing in his stomach but partially dissolved pills.

There are also claims that he had only eaten just one small meal per day for months before his tragic death.

The autopsy also discovered that his body was covered with needle marks and scars which are believed to have come from shots of painkillers and previous plastic surgeries.

He was also virtually bald, with just small patches of peach fuzz left on his scalp.

Known by many of his fans as the King of Pop, Michael died of a propofol overdose.

His death was later ruled a homicide, and his doctor, Conrad Murray, served two years in prison for his part in his death.

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