Coronation Street fans have called upon ITV to create a special guest star role for a household name, as they pleaded with the network to allow Good Morning Britain presenter Ben Shephard to walk the cobbles.

The surprising demand came after fan favourite Mary Taylor mentioned her crush on the star during Tuesday’s (19 September) visit to the soap, including a scandalous reference to her daydream about sharing a bed with him!

As regular viewers will know, Mary’s showbiz crush has been mentioned multiple times in recent years, with the eccentric character even having wrapped herself in a blanket emblazoned with his face previously.

But it was during the most recent episode, while discussing novelty funerals with undertaker George Shuttleworth that the florist flippantly referred to Ben.

The duo had been discussing novelty coffins, with George suggesting that he could seen Mary with something cheerful, like a giant sunflower, prompting Mary to chime in: "Or Ben Shepard's bed."

To which a slightly shocked George commented, that it would need to be "custom made" for her.

Fans at home were loving the surprisingly tongue in cheek moment, with many taking to social media to call on ITV to allow Mary to fulfil her dream and finally meet the man himself on the show.

“Dear #Corrie producers, please invite Ben Shephard to make an appearance as himself just to make Mary happy,” wrote one fan.

A second agreed adding: “Mary’s obsession with Ben Shephard he needs to make a cameo lol”

Before a third echoed the sentiment adding: “We need a Ben Shephard cameo appearance on #Corrie one time. A scene with Mary and Ben would be brilliant!”

Another fan even cheekily wondered if Ben was receiving renumeration for the use of his name, as they added: "Is Ben Shephard getting royalties every time Mary mentions him?”

Before a fifth fan simply wrote: “Oh my god Mary is thirsting over Ben again!”

The latest mention of Ben is far from the first time he’s been name dropped on the show, with Mary first revealing her unexpected crush all the way back in 2020.

It was during his first mention that Mary revealed she had a large Ben face blanket, which she kindly offered to her pal Sean Tully, before saying: "Take him. Take my Ben.”

Tickled by the scene, Kate Garraway later played it live on Good Morning Britain to tease her co-star, with Ben himself having turned bright red at the big reveal.

Speaking at the time, Ben told viewers: ”I’m thrilled to bits. I'm very flattered as well that somebody as discerning as Mary would feel like I could offer some sort of solace in these times and uncertainty."

Mary’s actress Patti Clare then replied: "It makes sense, don't you think? It Mary's world, being embraced by Ben is her idea of heaven.

"So she's put two and two together and come up with ten. And I think it's a brilliant idea.

"She could get a chain going of Ben products. But anyway, the blanket is the beginning."

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