Elon Musk has a message for Disney CEO Bob Iger and all the other advertisers fleeing his social media platform — don’t let the door hit ya on the way out, and go screw yourselves while you’re at it.

The owner of X was talking shop on CNBC — on the heels of his recent Israel visit, and in the wake of antisemitism allegations — and he fired away about the exodus of corporations cutting ties with him.

Check it out … he says he actually hopes they stop advertising permanently, and then dropped a very clear “Go f*** yourself” proclamation to everybody who’s jumping ship.

Elon Musk Sees 'Truth' in Antisemitic Tweet About Jews Hating Whites

Elon Musk Sees 'Truth' in Antisemitic Tweet About Jews Hating Whites

You can tell the host was shocked by Elon’s choice words — especially while live on the air — so, naturally, EM said it again, and then asked if he’d made himself clear. He certainly had!

Elon explained that he feels like he’s being blackmailed by these companies with the hope of paying for ads, and emphasized he wouldn’t sacrifice his free speech policies for monetary gain … even if, apparently, it means hurting his bottom line.

Funny enough, Elon singled out Iger in his remarks here, playfully calling out “Bob” as someone who was probably watching in the audience. Indeed, Disney was one of the major companies to pause its advertising with X … as did many others.

Iger actually addressed that today as well — before Elon’s snipe — and said, “We know that Elon is larger than life in many respects, and that his name is very much connected to the companies he founded or owns. By him taking the position he took in a public manner, we felt that the association was not necessarily a positive one for us.”

Seems like the relationship’s getting worse, not better.

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