The Bills’ struggles on the field have apparently frustrated Buffalo fans so much, they’ve now turned on each other — getting into a violent fistfight at the game on Monday night.

The wild scrap happened at some point during Buffalo’s loss to Denver at Highmark Stadium … when several fans clearly became upset with a man in a Josh Allen jersey.

It’s unknown what sparked the commotion … but you can see in video shot by someone a few rows away from it all, fists started to fly just seconds after words were exchanged.

Check out the clip … after the Allen fan got tagged in the face by a jab, he threw some haymakers — which led to an all-out melee.

At one point, a man in a Thurman Thomas shirt jumped in to try to help out the Allen fan, which led to even more chaos.

Thankfully, it appeared cooler heads prevailed after just a few moments of fighting.

We’ve reached out to cops to see if any arrests were made, but so far, no word back yet.

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