Joshua Bassett is taking a stand and making several statements about acceptance in his self-directed “Just Love” music video.

The 22-year-old High School Musical: The Musical: The Series star unveiled his new single and its accompanying visual on Friday (September 22).

Lyrically and visually it preaches the healing power of love while shining light on at-risk populations.

Head inside to see Joshua Bassett’s “Just Love” music video…

“The church doors are closed / to those who need most / the love that’s inside,” Joshua sings on the opening lines. He displayed that literally in the music video as the doors to a place of worship were closed on a same sex couple.

The video also shines light on issues including suicide, abuse, homelessness, human trafficking and more. However, it ends with a positive message about the future.

“It ends with us,” Joshua promises in the final moments of the video.

It’s a message that is mirrored in the song’s chorus: “What if we just / love / love / love,” he sings. “Am I askin’ too much? Oh / too many have lost their lives and / too many tears we’ve cried ’cause / we couldn’t seem to see the light / but what if we just / love?”

Although the music video displays a tense family situation, Joshua also made sure to let fans know that it was not autobiographical and that he had nothing but love for his parents.

Earlier this month, a cute video from Joshua‘s childhood resurfaced online!

Press play on “Just Love” below…
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