An AMC Theater in L.A. erupted into panic and confusion during an apparent emergency over the weekend — a frenzied scene which might’ve actually affected one Martin Scorsese.

This all went down Saturday night at the AMC Century City location — where eyewitnesses tell TMZ that all screenings around 7 PM PT were interrupted and cut short after a fire alarm started blaring throughout the entire facility … the cause of which is still unclear.

We’re told that AMC staffers weren’t all that helpful in clarifying to people what was going on or what to do — and folks started to shuffle out on their own … heading into the lobby.

Our sources tell us, however, that some people were actually freaking out a bit — seeing how no information was apparently being communicated, a handful of folks thought there might’ve been an active shooter situation … so yeah, it sounds like it was a chaotic sitch.

We’re told people were awkwardly standing around … not really sure what to do. Eventually, though, a massive line formed once it became clear their movies were ruined — and guest relations started to give out refunds.

Our sources tell us everybody there did eventually get their money back — that, or a movie voucher for another visit — and that even for the Taylor Swift movie, which is being sold as a premiere event was honored by the AMC staff … but the whole process was messy.

The kicker to all this is that Scorsese was actually on hand Saturday night there at Century City — as he was intro’ing a screening of ‘Killers Of the Flower Moon’ around the same time.

We’re told he didn’t appear to be in the shuffle of bodies once people started exiting — he might’ve left before this alarm went off — but eyewitnesses say his flick got interrupted too.

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