The powder slips fluidly through seemingly pinched fingers.

Lines, dots and whorls, in an expert hand, soon create an amazing rangoli, the gorgeous design that you will spot outside most Indian homes during the festive season.

Many of us are not skilled in this art but do wish we could create such magical art too.

Here, then, is a quick tutorial — rangoli for beginners by Sujata Kawle.

Sujata is an avid travel junkie who likes trekking, hiking and exploring new places.

A senior manager at a financial organisation, she loves exploring Maharashtra’s mountainous terrain on the weekends.

She is passionate about the rangoli art form, a skill she learnt from her aunt.

Every Ganesh Chaturthi and Diwali, she spends time using rangoli powder to create exquisite art.

In the videos below, she shows how even newbies can create beautiful rangolis.

Here’s how you can use lines, curves and dots to create simple patterns.


If you want a simple, straight line rangoli outside your door, this is what you can do.


Another way of creating rangolis is using dots.

The paper and the rangoli filler boxes Sujata uses are available at any shop selling rangoli colours.

You can buy them online as well.


You could even try your hand at a Sanskar Bharti rangoli.

Created by Sanskar Bharti, an organisation that has been promoting Indian art and culture since 1954, these designs are bright, colourful and very attractive.

Go ahead, make beautiful rangolis.

And send us the pictures of you and your rangoli at [email protected] (Subjectline: My Beautiful Rangoli). Don’t forget to mention your NAME and the place where you LIVE.

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