If you’re like us, the most surprising new relationship of the year is Sophia Bush and Ashlyn Harris — only very recently edging out Taylor Swift dating Travis Kelce, we guess.

Both the One Tree Hill alum and the soccer star are in the midst of divorces, but this is a coupling we certainly didn’t see coming. We mean… Sophia has never dated a woman before, right? Not that we know of! Exciting stuff!

It also may serve to explain, a bit at least, the rush with which the actress filed for divorce from Grant Hughes. The separation date she listed was June 27 — just two weeks after their first anniversary when she had written a loving and devoted Instagram post to him. We have been trying to figure out since what the heck happened in between! Well… we now know something that happened in between. Sophia and Ashlyn had, well, a moment.

On June 19, it turns out, Sophia and Ashlyn were on a panel together at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity in France. We took a look at the footage from that day, and we have to say, there is a spark!

You can watch the whole thing and decide for yourself…

Or take a look at Sophia’s IG post about it — in which she gushes that she loves Ashlyn and more importantly, singles out a moment as a GIF on the third slide! We mean…


A post shared by Sophia Bush (@sophiabush)


Total sparks, yeah? Again, this event was on June 19, just eight days before the separation date Sophia listed, smack dab in the middle of those two weeks where she went from saying she was looking forward to being with Grant forever and then was splitsville.

June is also in the summer — when a source told People this week that Ashlyn and her wife Ali Krieger stopped living together. Huh.

Do YOU think this is when the relationship began? Or at least the seed of it? Let us know what YOU think, Perezcious readers!

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