Prabhas fans may be disappointed with this news, as there is once again a delay on his most-awaited release, Saalar. The latest update is that the makers of Saalar have decided to postpone Saalar and not clash with Shah Rukh Khan‘s Dunki. Earlier, both the films Saalar and Dunki were supposed to release on the same day, which is December 21, 2023. But as per the latest reports, it is claimed that Saalar is aiming for a release in 2024.

Dunki Drop 1 massive response made the makers force their decision to postpone Saalar?

There was a huge debate online where the superstar fans were lashing out at the makers of Saalar for clashing with Dunki, and after Rajkumar Hirani dropped the first glimpse of Dunki, the news came out of Saalar being postponed. It is speculated that looking at the massive success of Shah Rukh Khan this year with Jawan and Pathaan, and now Dunki, the makers of Saalar thought it would be beneficial for both films to release solo at the box office.

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Talking about releasing Dunki at Christmas, SRK said at his birthday event, ” Not everyone attends a Christmas party with friends. Some stay at home or do community viewing. The return of community viewing is very important for Hindi cinema. You have come here because what’s common with all of you is your love for me. Similarly, the love for films should be common. People should come to the theatres and enjoy themselves with somebody else’s family too… Where you laugh and cry together. With Dunki too, I hope you do the same.”

Saalar to be released in 2024?
Prabha fans are waiting with bathed breath for him to witness the success after Baahubali. As after Rajamouli’s directorial, Prabhas has been witnessing only failures and all the hope on Saalar. The actor will now have two mega releases in 2014, Saalar and Kalki 2898 AD. Stay tuned with us more entertainment news.


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