The clash between Virat Kohli and Naveen-ul-Haq in IPL 2023 saw resolution during the India-Afghanistan World Cup match in Delhi.

With tensions eased, Naveen explained the ‘sweet mangoes’ story, clarifying it as a simple misunderstanding.

‘I conveyed to Dhaval bhai (Lucknow Super Giants team logistics) that I was craving mangoes, and he promptly arranged them that very night. When we went to Goa, he brought mangoes. So, as I enjoyed my mangoes in front of the screen, there was no image of Kohli; it was a Mumbai Indians player,’ Naveen stated on LSG’s YouTube channel.

‘I playfully wrote ‘sweet mangoes,’ and it got interpreted differently. Without clarifying, I decided to leave it. My intention was simple — it’s mango season, so people’s shops should also do well,’ the Afghan fast bowler, who plays for LSG, added.

He also disclosed how he and Kohli resolved their issues during the World Cup 2023 game, emphasising a mutual desire to move past the incident.

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