Animal, which has been doing really well at the box office, ends with a hint to a sequel, named Animal Park.

So is this confirmed?

One hears from sources close to the producers that yes, it will happen.

“They had decided to go ahead with the sequel even before the film’s release,” a source tells Subhash K Jha.

“Director Sandeep Reddy Vanga and Ranbir Kapoor have already discussed the sequel, and Reddy is readying the script. It is a work-in-progress. The only thing that needs to be discussed is the remuneration for Reddy and Ranbir. The fee has to be re-negotiated on the basis of the volume of success.”

While Vanga’s fee for Animal is not known, this is Ranbir’s biggest budgeted film till date, reportedly close to Rs 175 crore (Rs 1.7 billion). His fee is reportedly Rs 80 crore (Rs 800 million).

It’s likely Ranbir will be paid close to Rs 100 crore (Rs 1 billion) for Animal Park.

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