Mauricio Umansky would like to sidestep the Emma Slater dating rumors now, please.

On Thursday, the Buying Beverly Hills star took to Instagram alongside his Dancing with the Stars partner to address the buzz that’s been circulating around the web since the two were spotted holding hands on Sunday. He explained on his Story:

“For full clarity, we are not dating. We are really good friends. We’ve been dancing together now for six weeks, four hours a day, every single day.”

Emma then chimed in, adding:

“Guys, it’s intense. You really form a very, very special bond, and I think we have similar personalities, so we’ve got a super supportive — last week was extremely emotional — so, super supportive relationship. We’re definitely there for each other, and it’s beautiful. That’s a great thing.”

Yeah… We’ve heard about what a close relationship it can be. That doesn’t mean y’all AREN’T crossing that line! We mean, an eyewitness said these two were kissing! And we have photos of the hand-holding, which plenty of our readers have already decided counts as cheating. And their response is, it’s just a close friendship? Gee, where have we heard that one before…?

On that same line of thinking, Mauricio further explained:

“We’re really good friends, and just to clarify, we went to a restaurant to go get some sushi right after rehearsal … We had a very intense week, an emotional week, we were talking about the week during dinner, and when we came out of dinner, we were recapping and I reached out to grab Emma’s hand, and she grabbed my hand, and then we walked to the cars just recapping and summarizing, and then the paparazzi caught that moment and it’s become a blown-out moment.”

Uh, yeah! Cuz y’all held hands!

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We guess all that “recapping and summarizing” for some reason called for hand-holding…

He concluded:

“So anyway, that’s it. Hope that clarifies. That’s the end of that story, we’re going to keep on dancing, we’re going to keep having fun.”

Yeah, we’re not feeling a heck of a lot of clarity. And neither is Kyle Richards. On Wednesday night, Mo’s estranged wife admitted she was really “hurt” by the photos — despite initiating their separation.

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