Molly-Mae Haguehas said an emotional goodbye to her seven month old daughter Bambi, and fiancé Tommy Fury, as she jets off to New York on a work trip to film a campaign.

The influencer, 24, revealed in her latest YouTube vlog that she was heading to the Big Apple on a work trip and was feeling anxious about leaving her seven month old daughter at home.

Without specifying how long she would be going away, Molly said in her latest vlog: “Leaving Bambi for this amount of time is something I feel really not great about”.

Molly took to Instagram on Wednesday afternoon and shared an adorable photo with Bambi and Tommy before she headed off to work in America.

The influencer captioned the sweet snap: “Baby gymnastics this morning before mama leaves [broken heart emoji].”

She followed this up with: “See you soon family”.

The former Love Island star also added a black and white snap of Tommy and Bambi to her Instagram stories, along with a photo of her shoes in a car with a plane emoji in the middle of it.

This work trip comes after Molly recently reflected on “how ridiculously far” she has come since giving birth to her bundle of joy in January.

Speaking in one of her latest vlogs, she revealed that she came across a video of herself, from when Bambi was just a few weeks old, and the new mum was keen to get vlogging again.

Molly admitted that she found the clip emotional: “I think seeing that little video clip made me really reflect on how ridiculously far I've come and how genuinely, as weird as it sounds, I wasn't sure I was ever going to feel happy again. That's how hard I found the first few weeks.”

She went on to say that she now feels she is “really experiencing” what she initially believed motherhood would be like, and how it took her almost seven months to feel that way.

The influencer then took a minute to send words of encouragement to other new mums out there, as she said: “I promise you it gets so much easier”.

To fan's delight, Molly also announced that she would be vlogging her NewYork trip, which she said will include a “fashion show” and “campaign”.

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