Matty Healy appears on ‘This Is Your Life’ in 1999

Years before finding fame with The 1975, Matty Healy told TV presenter Michael Aspel that he’d “really like to be a top class musician”, as he gave a cheeky reason for his ambition.

Young Matty was appearing on an episode of This Is Your Life in the ’90s, which was honouring his mother, Loose Women star Denise Welch, when Michael reminded him that he had previously said he wanted to be a pop star when he grew up, before enquiring how that was going for him.

A confident 10-year-old Matty told the veteran host that he’d been playing the drums and he’d “got quite good progress on that”.

He went on to say that he’d “really like to be a top class musician” before sweetly saying “[I’d] Buy mum a new mansion. Bel Air mansion in Los Angeles,” as Denise looked on adoringly.

However, he quickly showed the cheeky side that is so beloved of his fans these days, when he added: ”In her dreams!”

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His confident delivery of his ambitions was a far cry from his entrance when he held his Pheonix Nights star father Tim Healy’s hand as he appeared to shyly walk out on the set.

He immediately embraced his mother before taking his seat with the rest of the guests.

Matty’s appearance proved prophetic and his band have currently sold nearly three million albums between the UK and US.

Matty actually played his first ever gig at his dad’s event, Tim Healy’s Charity Golf Classic in 2001.

Last year, he was forced to defend himself against nepo baby accusations as both he and his parents waded into the discussion, giving their thoughts on nepotism in the entertainment industry.

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In September last year, a fan called @hannahlouisef mused on Twitter: “I saw a TikTok recently calling Matty Healy a nepotism baby because his parents are Tim Healy and Denise Welch. like technically yes but also?

“no disrespect to them but how much can Les off Benidorm and a Loose Woman really help you in becoming a generation defining band.” Denise quickly waded in, replying: “So true.” (sic)

The following month, Matty told Apple Music’s Zane Lowe: “I made a joke that I drew the short straw at the nepotism baby nursery because there’s so many famous kids out there.

“The nepotism baby concept is interesting though, isn’t it? Because it seems to be something that people talk about when they’re a little bit jealous.”

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